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The above document has been updated recently and it states 


The FQDNs –, and – will be resolved to IP addresses from the following subnets:



But when you do a nslookup for, and, none of them resolve to any of the above subnets. I distinctly remember previously the list of IP address used to be,,,,,,,,

Can someone from Microsoft clarify this. I don't see 52.114.x.x subnet in the documentation. 



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@Balaji NJL 


See here


Azure direct routing infrastructure requirements - Azure Communication Services | Microsoft Docs


The FQDNs –,, and – will be resolved to one of the following IP addresses:


Hope that answers your question :D


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Thanks @Christopher Hoard for your quick reply. Yes, these are the IPs I had originally. Even though both document got updated on 06/30/2021, the IP address list seems to be incorrect on the one that I referred.
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You may want to check a subnet calculator contains -
It includes the 52.114.x.x range.

You are right, I didn't realize /14 covers 52.114.x.x. Thanks for pointing it out.