Direct Routing call log - 7015 and 7000 "Call ended by media agent"

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We're using Direct Routing to route all our calls into Auto Attendant and then some of them onto Teams users via call queues.


In the downloaded CSV of call logs there are 2 columns called :


Final Microsoft subcodeFinal SIP Phrase


We are trying to go definitive on which subcode or phrase actually means and I cannot find a definitive description of these 2 anywhere on the internet...


We are guessing the 7000 "Call Ended by Media Agent" is when something within MS Phone System cuts the call off - like an auto attendant which ends with a hang up, or an announcement which also ends with a hang up. Is this correct?  Could the 7000 be caused by an error somewhere?


Similar for 7015 "Call Ended by media agent because transfer completed successfully" - we are guessing that the Media Agent is MS Phone System but we can't determine if this 'transfer' is when a Teams user transfers the call to another part or when the Auto Attendant or Queue transfers the caller from a queue to a user...


Any ideas would be gratefully received...

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Hello @solidpro I'm going to ask @Linus Cansby to take a look at your question.

@ThereseSolimeno Thanks, I was planning to go to bed now... :)


Actually I don't know but I know that @Jamie Stark should be the right person to start with since it is in the TAC you see these messages, but maybe someone from the Phone System team could help out better.

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@solidpro I'm definitely not authoritative here - this is super deep into the workings of the media stack.  That being said, in this case I'm reasonably confident the "Media agent" here isn't Phone system bur rather the Voice App (Auto Attendant or Call Queue) that's managing the call.  The voice apps are media apps and they would have a user agent endpoint even though they're automated services.


So "Call ended by media agent" to me is that the voice app (AA or CQ) was responsible for ending the call.  "Call Ended by media agent because transfer completed successfully" sounds like that call leg was ended because another call leg was successfully established as the culmination of a call transfer.


I think support could give a definitive answer, but again this is pretty deep signaling stack stuff :)

@Jamie Stark thank you, that makes perfect sense. I'm guessing a media agent can be an app like Auto Attendant or Q or it could be a Teams (human) user too?

@solidpro I think it's unlikely that we would use the same term for humans - I think the term "user agent" is more commonly used here.

Thanks, that makes sense!