Direct Routing Call Forwarding after 10 seconds - No Audio

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Hello would appreciate some help.

I have a client using Teams telephony with a Ribbon SBC for Direct Routing. All appears to be working fine apart from one issue:

If a client call forwards to a group using /Settings/calls/if unanswered/ after a delay there is no Audio after the call forward is answered:

So an outside caller (Party A)  rings Party B(Teams Direct Routing DDI) who call forwards after 10 secs to Teams client Party C. If Party C answers within 10 Secs Audio is ok! If answered after 10 Secs - No Audio.

Have ticket open with MS for weeks now and not getting much joy.

Checked firewall not blocking anything, checked SBC config, nothing untoward, MS blaming SBC/Firewall, SBC people blaming MS/Firewall,...Just wondering if anyone is having the same issue or any other feedback.



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Thanks, i will have a read.