Direct Routing and SuppressCallerId

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What is the solution for SuppressCallerId  in set-CsOnlineVoiceRoute?
Because this property disappear from command-let.
Here is mentioned,
but this property is no longer there.
What is workaround for this situation? :
I have Direct Routing gateways in 3 countries.
Users with american CallerID, are calling German number.
Thist call is outgoing to PSTN throught Direct Routing  gateway in Germany. There isn't allowed CallerID out of German DDI range
I need suppres their CallerID by German phone number of receptionist.


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@Richard Hlavienka I believe this cmdlet does not have that property (or ever did looking at the doc page history -


My suggestion would be to implement this on the SBC itself. For example, If caller ID is not german then send +49xxxx instead.

@Lee FordThank you for answer.
This feature was common on S4B On-Premises so I'm looking for solution in online.


Yes I can do it this way on SBC owned by company in Germany, but we have Direct Routing SIP trunk as service in USA (PureIP)

@Richard Hlavienka Absolutely it worked on-premises! I have raised a pull request on the article you referenced to confirm if those parameters should be available.