Desktop Client Doesn't Show Team Or User Photos, Web Client Does


I have been troubleshooting this problem for a few weeks now and I cannot figure out what on earth is the root cause.

If I open up teams on the desktop, at any computer, and sign into my office 365 tenant account, all of the organization team icons and user photos never download. They always display as blank / default. However if I log in through the web page version of teams, they show up as expected.


I have tried deleting the cache for teams and completely reinstalling it. None of the log files or diagnostic files seem to show any activity regarding the photos. If I even go to a team that I own and change the photo for it, no activity seems to get shown in Fiddler or in any of the log files. 

Has anyone else ever had this problem and did they ever find a way to get it to go away? 

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I know it sounds basic, but try to "Sign out" not quit Teams, and log back in. This sometimes works miracles for things like this for some odd reason.

@Chris Webb

Hi Chris,

I tried that and I am still not seeing any user photos showing up.

I noticed yesterday that another user at my organization is also having this problem. The interesting this is that both of us are global admins in Azure AD with all of the other rolls as well. I am starting to wonder if we are using a roll that causes this problem...

Edit: Wow, it was a roll conflict! I went back through Azure AD and removed all of the rolls that really didn't apply to me (the reader ones) and now the pictures are downloading like they should.

I know you didn't point this out to me, but I still give you credit since you set off the "spark" that got me thinking about it. Thanks @Chris Webb :) 

Odd, didn't think a role would really have an effect on photos! I am a global admin but I don't have a bunch of role's so that's interesting. Good thing to keep in the back of my mind if I see this happen again. Thanks for following up and glad you figured it out!