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Hi, I have been looking for information on how to add a deskphone into teams. Am I right in thinking, that all desk phones that you buy must have the teams firmware and when you power up the deskphone, it will get an IP address from the Enterprise DHCP servers. from there it will then go out to the internet and use its built in code to access Office365 network and present you with a login? you would use your normal login and then you are setup ? 

Is there any prep work to be done on teams admin portal  first?

Once it signs in how do you assign a DDI number to it?

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@DwightShrute A Team Phone will do just that, you log into it as a user and it then receives your calls, allows you to join meetings etc. Just a different peripheral than your laptop.


Providing a phone number is a separate service, and doesn't need a phone. In some countries you can simply buy a license from Microsoft and get the service from them, in others you work through local carriers. 


This might be a good place to start ... Setting up Phone System in your organization - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Many thanks for the reply. So when you first power on the phone,
1.It knows to go to office365 login by default?
2.Once there it will identify your tenant via the domain suffix in your username?
3.You will see the device added in teams admin hub?
4.Then add a number to that device and you are good to go?