DEploying team chat bot

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I have (using QNA maker) created a working chat bot. I have deployed to azure and using the 'url' for the app people have been able to test it ok

I am now ready to deploy to teams. I have change the org settings for custom apps, and using the Teams Developer Portal I have created the app. 


1) Using TOOLS - BOT MANAGEMENT, I added the bot using its defined end point

2) I created an app and in APP FEATURES I pointed at the Chat Bot
3) I went through all the setup and was able to publish to ORG

4) Allowed the app in Global Policy

The app now appears in 'Deployed to your organisation', but there is no 'Add' button so I cant actually 'install' the app. IN the dev portal when I click 'Preview in Teams' I get the warning that custom apps are blocked by my organisation, but when I check the global settings this is 100% not the case

note : when I check against 'Deploy to Store' - which will never be needed, the app passes all checks 100%

Can anyone please advice why my app is not installable

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Have yo reviewed not only the global settings to deploy apps but also the App permissions policies in place?

@Juan Carlos González Martín I have indeed, see screenshots