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i know how to delete recording on OneDrive or SharePoint from MS Teams meetings. but when i delete a record i which to also delete the meeting recording thumbnail posted at the chat or channel. 


i have not found any way to do this, is this possible ?


if i click one thumbnail from  deleted record, i get an error message that the video is not accessible which can be since video no longer exist OR don´t have permissions to the video. which is confusing when i do not know if that video does in fact been deleted. 

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Hello, pretty sure you can't delete the "recording icon". Unfortunately I can't test it myself to give you a straight answer as I'm in transition. 


Set-Team (MicrosoftTeamsPowerShell) | Microsoft Docs 


Setting that determines whether or not owners can delete messages that they or other members of the team have posted.

Hi ChristianBergstrom,

thanks for the idea, i know that which is only available in a team, so id does not a apply fro Meeting group chats.

unfortunately the recording thumbnail post is not included on that setting. so it does not work on a team. one can delete all other post BUT the recording thumbnail within a team

@Daniel_Herrera_Germany Hello again, it feels like they have changed something in the docs and it doesn't seem right.


I'm pretty sure the descriptions haven't looked like this before:


-AllowOwnerDeleteMessage (in the Messaging policy)
Determines whether owners are allowed to delete all the messages in their team. Set this to TRUE to allow. Set this to FALSE to prohibit. 


-AllowOwnerDeleteMessages (in the Team policy) 

Setting that determines whether or not owners can delete messages that they or other members of the team have posted.


My interpretation of the above is that by using the former policy you set it on a user and that setting will follow that user to all the teams where the user is an owner. And the latter you only set on a team so it only affects the owners of that team.


@adam deltinger @Linus Cansby @Steven Collier Anything you MVPs heard something about or can add to the conversation? It would be much appreciated.


@ChristianBergstrom yes i´ve read this and try the cmdlet as well. but i Believe this messages are not targetted since there is no User involved, is not a post from owner , nor from an user. is from the system itself, is not even a post from an app. 






Yes I know, hence my very first reply above where I wrote "pretty sure you can't delete the "recording icon".

But your question led to another question about the owner delete settings.
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@ChristianBergstrom that's how it's always been.


Teams admins can control whether Owners can delete messages at a user level through the messaging policy.

Teams Owners can control whether they can delete messages on a per Team basis, the same setting as they can change under Manage Team, Setting, Member Permissions.

I had a feeling some wording was changed in the docs but it was probably just me being tired. Cheers!

@Steven Collier yes but we are getting off topic, the meeting recording thumbnail is posted by the system.
as @ChristianBergstrom confirm and what i was afraid of,  pretty sure you can't delete the "recording icon" post. 


No Owners nor Members have post anything to be deleted on this scenario. 

@Daniel_Herrera_Germany Hello Daniel, Steven only replied to my question so you can disregard from that. I thought the docs was changed and just asked for confirmation about the two policies attached above. But nothing has changed, it's still per-user and per team. I'm involved in so many conversations that I confuse myself sometimes.


As for the question you first asked, we know the answer. So even though Stevens reply is correct the "best response" should be marked to either your or my reply above as we've already know you can't delete the meeting camera thumbnail.


You should change the "best response" to whatever you think is the most appropriate answer of those!