Delay between Graph API and Teams Client

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We have a Teams automation, where we are removing members from teams which are classified as internal . 


This was working Okiesh for a year, however since last few months we are observing that it takes almost 2 days to get the Guest user actually removed from Teams Client. We use Graph api (Memebers endpoint ) to remove these users.


The endpoint correctly return number of members with GET request. However , GUEST user can still access the teams for around two days then ultimately gets removed. Strange thing is, Guest users access to respective sharepoint site is removed immediately, its only Teams client that takes time. We have tried both V1 and Beta endpoint


Have seen users reporting this randomly over the internet. One such case is at below link

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Yeah, this seems to be a trend recently. Best open a support case and report it, so that MS can prioritize...

@o provide further update on this. We did raise ticket with MS and the response was, "This behavior is expected since the exponential growth of teams and they are working on this. Issue is the pipelines that takes care of syncing Azure AD members with teams client is constantly getting throttled hence the delay. 

MS is working on BETA endpoint that could be on top of TEAM directly so changes will be instantaneous , however there is no ETA "