Data location of pasted images


Can anyone tell me where the pasted images within chats and teamconversations are saved? My assumption would be that they are saved together with the corresponding message within Exchange Online?

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Images are saved in Media Service running in Azure, it is from that service Teams clients writes and reads images. Then they are also saved to Exchange in the user mailbox for compliance, but your clients never reads from there.

But as soon as they would share an actual image file it would be saved in OneDrive for Business for example and not in the Media Service (Azure) right?

@ThomasSteibl If they share the image as a file it will be saved in OneDrive instead, yes. So when they click on the paper clip icon (attach) and attach the image as a file it is saved in OneDrive. But if you paste the same image (not file) in a chat it will be saved in Media Service.