Dark face during Teams call

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Hi Community,
Depending on time of the day and the corresponding lighting situation in my office, my face is frequently shown very dark.
a) How can I access the camera properties menu during (!) a call. Note: I know the properties menu, but it is not accessible during a call.
b) Any current smartphone recognizes a face in a video stream and brightens the picture so the face is lit properly. I'd like to suggest that Teams should have the same functionality.

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A few suggestions, get closer to the camera, so that the intensity of the background doesn't overwhelm the gain if the camera.
Use a front light to keep your face illuminated. You'll find thousands of these things on Amazon, as most every blogger, tik-tok or whatever content creator uses one.

@Ed Woodrick Thank you for the suggestions. Unfortunately I cannot move the camera closer. I've thought about zoom. Again: The zoom settings aren't available during the call. I already have installed indirect lighting, but this cannot compete with the bright daylight in the background, and direct light is too bright for my eyes. Btw: Making a selfie from the camera's location with my smartphone results in a perfectly lit image.

Then use your smartphone.