Custom Teams Policy for Guest Users

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I tried to assign a Custom Teams policy for Guest users!!


I checked in Teams Admin Portal and tried via Powershell script, but not able to see/resolve Guest users.


Please do let me know if this is possible.

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You can't assign a policy to a guest user in Teams. The only policy settings you can set for guest users are the settings you find in Teams Admin Center > Org-wide settings > Guest access


These settings applies to all guest users so you can't set so that some guest users can use video and other can't. 

@Linus Cansby  do you know if a guest account will inherit the global policies? Or is Guest accounts policy-less :)

@Markus Johansson This is the settings you can you for Guests. Guests will not get other policies, ex. they will not get a meeting policy since they can't create meetings.