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Hey all,


I want to include a link on a website which automatically redirects you to calling a certain person in MS Teams. Similar like the 'mailto:' syntax works. I cannot figure out though, how to do this in MS Teams. Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance!

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The usual syntax for this is


Try adding a hyperlink on the number with tel:[Number]. I just tested it on my site and it triggered a response in Teams asking me to call that number

Let me know how you get on

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Thanks for the help! This probably solves my problem already. But I am wondering how this will work if someone has not included a phone number in teams. You can still call those people in teams. What do I list instead of the number then? Does the mail address work in that case?

Hi @JoDee35

They would have to have an assigned number - so that means calling plans and phone system functionality. If you don't have an assigned number then the only calls you can do in Teams is VOIP (video) calls between Teams clients and these don't have numbers.

Unfortunately, a hyperlinked phone number to an email address wouldn't start a call.

Hope that clarifies and answers your question!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Thanks again :)


So there is no way to start a VOIP call by just clicking a link? Using Circuit I was able to use 'circuit::' followed by a link to the mail address of the person. (But we do not really want to include circuit there hehe) Is there no equivalent to this in Teams?


The problem using 'tel:' is that if someone did not choose Teams as standard app, they will be asked which app they want to use and Teams was not even listed as an option for me. This is at least what I got when I just tested it. I feel like this probably would cause problems for some visitors.

'circuit:' rather, mistyped
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You have a couple of these that you can use. You want to use callto: that will open Teams and Teams will ask if you want to call that person.


callto: to call someone

tel: for phone numbers

im: for chat


Could be that you have to register these urls to Teams.

@Linus Cansby


Yes, callto: used with the email adress works perfectly!


Thanks a lot!

@JoDee35  What is the full URL that you use for a person to click and make a Teams call to a specific person.  I get close with the following URL, but it doesn't quite work



Just use callto:userid@domain.ext


E.G. a href="">Call Me!</a>

did you ever get this to work ?@Sirmonj11 

i was hoping to make a spread sheet with quick links, on who to call for their areas of expertise


I got it to work when Callto protocol was associated with Teams (on a Windows 10 system).  We have a lot of MACs in our environment so I need to be able to implement something that doesn't require personnel to update the app associated with Callto.  I'm still researching.  If I find more, I'll reply on here.


@Sirmonj11 There's a defined url syntax that will trigger your Teams client to be opened to a chat with defined people.

Yes callto looks to be a good option for Windows but with Teams being used on mobile devices and Mac too we need something better. Advertising a link which doesn't work is worse than not having a link.


If anyone finds a solution please share :)

Yes indeed! Also, if someone has a different VoIP client installed as their primary I'm guessing the CALLTO function won't go to Teams.

@LowellP Yes, it will call the default client for the callto-protocol  or the instant-messaging-protocol, as designed. And as there is no defined compatibility, that may or may not work depending on the associated programs on that computer. So in the link text, you should clearly state if you are using a link to "Teams", "Skype" or whatever you use.

Instead, you may use something like 

<a href="#">Teams Call</a>

 to always start Teams using a browser (which might redirect to an installed program).

@Tom1Stein > For me this opens Teams web which redirects to Teams desktop but with Chat for the target user instead of a call.

@Ryan__W Yes, it just replaces the "im:" link, not a "call:" link ( ). It takes one more click to start a call from there, using the built-in function in Teams, but I have not found a similar way to directly start a call with Teams only.

And I'm surprised and disappointed that there is a standardized link syntax that starts non-standardized protocols.

When you use the callto: it actually opens a Call in Teams with the person intending to be called? Every time I try this it will open an empty meeting with no one else in attendance.