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We finally finished our exchange hybrid setup and it's working good so far. But there's one thing that's not working and that is when I create a new scheduled meeting and add the Channel there.



I can submit the meeting but I only get a rolling circle next to the meeting in the calender.



Any ideas what could cause this problem?


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When I try and schedule a meeting in a specific channel, I also see the spinning circle you refer to.  But it disappears after 20 seconds or so.  Does it just keep spinning for you?


Who are you inviting to the meeting?  Do any of the invitees not have membership of the Team/Channel?

@PeterRising I'm on my own within the meeting and I should have access to the channel.

Exactly the spinning wheel tries for a couple of minutes until it times out. The meeting never gets into the calender but weirdly it's posted within the channel.



That is extremely odd.  Have you tried this on more than one device?

Yeah. Actually it's not working on any of the project members devices (9 ppl). Is it possible that is has anything to do with firewall restrictions?



This is entirely possible I would say yes. Have you checked into the requirements as shown here?


Please specifically check that;


Screenshot 2020-05-18 at 07.55.36.png


All devices using Teams also need to allow TCP 80 and 443.

@PeterRising I talked to our networking and security guy and these requirements are met so far. Any other idea?

@PeterRising I just got the information from a consultant that this feature is not supported on hybrid exchange setups :sad: Can anyone confirm that?



Never asked you what version your Hybrid is running at, but it is supported for Exchange 2016 CU3+ as below;


Screenshot 2020-05-19 at 11.29.21.png


This was taken from -






The usage of meetings within Teams is there but as stated above not the ability to add channels to the meetings.