Copy link to task and paste to chat shows long link


Copy link to task and paste to chat shows long link instead of task name. It was working properly some days ago.

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Hi @danb92   I found an older post in this community that describes the settings that affect this feature.  Perhaps something is unchecked?  Announcing a new way to paste URLs, Link format! - Microsoft Tech Community

@ThereseSolimenoThat post speaks about links copied and pasted in a browser but not in the desktop Teams app. Copying and pasting links to tasks (in desktop app) previously pasted the link as the title of the task. Now the entire and long URL gets posted, and it not nearly as clean a solution as pasting only the title of the task. We paste links to tasks into chat messages a lot. It used to be very readable, now the long URL appears less user friendly.

@danb92  We are having the same issue and look forward to a resolution.  We always paste the link to a task in our chats, but a couple of months ago it started pasting the long link.  We now have to edit the link text to be something more readable, and it takes more time.

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