Controlling Guest Access in Teams for users on our internet

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At our organization we have Teams installed  that allows users to IM each other.  Receptionist tells counselor's their appointment is here etc., We also have a business that is housed onsite that uses our Internet at our location but these people are not part of our domain nor do they have accounts. We are governed by HIPAA and need to setup a way for account users to communicate with these other users. Is there a best practice that would allow users with accounts to communicate with other users based on IP? These users provide services to our clients but are not part of our business. 

Thank you 

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I would suggest creating guest accounts for these users! You will be able to grant them access to teams and chat!

I’m not very familiar with HIPAA but I would suggest checking the security and compliance documentation of Microsoft Teams


Thank you. We like many organizations are adopting Teams to replace HIPCHAT. We started with a small group deployed without even using a Team in order to see how it went. We are currently using Teams for using Chat and IM only. We are planning on setting up teams for our various departments as we learn and understand the product better. My question is will we need to create a Team for all users now, and a team for the users who are guests or can we just allow them to chat and IM to other users as those in our domain do now. Again, I appreciate your time.    

Technically they don’t have to use a team but in order for them to access teams they need to be invited to teams! And that happens by inviting them in a team! You might have a team where you add all your guests though! You can then use this team to communicate to them all, or just use the chat!

Honestly, I'd look at Kazala it might be something you guys could utilize for that use case. Or if Microsoft decides to add in some kind of connector between that and Teams, might be useful to help bridge that gap between external users ease of use and internal chat platform.