Consult then transfer to call queue is not working




We are using teams with direct routing option.

Everything is working fine but we cannot use the option consult then transfer to a call queue.

You can call the call queue and get a user on the phone but the option to transfer the call disappears.


Consult and transfer to a direct users is working fine!

And a direct transfer without consult to a call queue is also working fine...


Anybody has the same issue and is there a solution for this problem?

Hope you can help!






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Hello @Lars86 ;


I have the same problem. We are on Microsoft Teams with direct Routing since 4 days.
Everything is working fine like you have described. "Transfer a call" and "consult then transfer" is working perfect when doing this with normal Teams Users. "Consult then Transfer" to a call queue is not working. The Window to click on "transfer" disappears when the agent of the call queue answer the call.

Only Direct Transfer to a call queue is working.



@Thorsten Stiebig  exactly the same here transfer button disapears! this should be working right?

Just made a ticket to microsoft support today hope the can give me some more info or a solution about this issue

@Lars86 Yes, this must work. I think it is a bug at Microsoft Teams right now. Let us wait what Microsoft will answer.
I will also open a ticket at Microsoft.

Did any of you get a response from ms support about this issue. We have the same issue .
No not yet! Hope to hear something Tomorrow...
Thanks, keep us updated

I am working actual with a Support Engineer on it.

For the moment I have to answer only questions to my Deployment. Here are the questions and my answers:


  1. Which SBC for Direct Routing? -> AudioCodes
  2. Is it a call queue only problem or auto attendant as well? -> Both
  3. Is issue specific to internal users / external ? -> Both, internal and external Users
  4. Are you using Teams application for calling or is there any Polycom devices associated ? -> Only Teams Application on Windows 10 PC/Notbooks 
  5. Teams Version? -> (64-bit) and
  6. What is your environment type? (Online/on-prem/Hybrid) -> We have Microsoft Teams with Azure AD Connect, SBC / Direkt Routing
  7. Are all Users affected? -> Yes
  8. Is it a Direct Routing Setup? -> Yes
  9. Was ist working before? -> No
  10. Since when are you experiencing this issue? -> From the beginning on when we switched with PSTN-Calling ot MS Teams (since 7 days)


I expect response in the next hours ... and will let you know guys.



@Thorsten Stiebig Most of the answers you are giving are the same for our organization. Where are you from here in the netherlands our telephony provider says they can't do anything about this issue and really is a microsoft issue or feature that is not working!

Hi. I am from Germany.
Today no new informations from Microsoft received me.
If this is a Feature which is not working with Direct Routing that would be very sad!

@Thorsten Stiebig  I think this must work! you see the transfer button till somebody picks up the phone so i think its really a bug! and must be working... Don't no why but i still don't have any answer on my call at microsoft :( did you get a reply?

@Lars86 Yesterday I heared nothing from Microsoft. Today I received the next E-Mail with questions I had to answer. A good sign that Microsoft is troubleshooting this issue right now ... it seems that this issue is not well known.

Here the questions form Microsoft and my answers:

  1. Does the issue occur if a PSTN user calls any Teams User and the Teams user transfer the calls to another teams user ?
    No, only when we try "consult and transfer" a active call to a call queue.
  2. Does the issue occur if an internal Teams User makes a call to another internal Teams user and the user transfers the call to another internal Teams user ?
    No, only when we try "consult and transfer" a active call to a call queue.
  3. what is the coexistence mode of the affected users?
    Our whole tenant is configured to Teams-only mode
  4. Collect the Teams web logs when teams call or call queue is concerned. (shift + alt + ctrl+1)
    See Attachment
  5. If the issue occurs with PSTN call as well then collect the SBC logs.
    I will try to get those log files
  6. Please note down the "from number” and “to number” and timestamp" when the issue occurred.
    From Number: +49 xxxx xxxxx to +49 xxxx xxxxx 96 at 20th May, xx:xx pm


I hope that those informations are enough to find the solution for us

@Thorsten Stiebig i finally got response from microsoft and the are getting back with questions tomorrow... Hope we get somewhere throug this support cases! Thanks for the update!

@Lars86 After some E-Mails from Microsoft where I had to answer a lot of questions I received a first hint of the problem.

Here a extract from the Microsoft answer I received yesterday:

Also, we also found the root cause for the issue as mentioned below:

The IP Profile for the Teams IP Group in the SBC has not been configured to handle refer locally. In this case the Refer received from Microsoft sip proxy for transferred calls is routed to next hop, and the next hop responds with 404 as it does not know the source of the transfer.


Hence, we request you to provide the SBC log for the same.

In the next step I will send the SBC Log-File to Microsoft and wait for a final statement.




Hi @Thorsten Stiebig ok sounds hopefully that they find something! i finally got a call from a support engineer yesterday evening! He connected with a remote support session to see whats the problem.. but looks like your ticket is a lot further in the process and hopefully we get a solution soon :) thanks for your update! 

@Thorsten Stiebig Any update on your case? Here its quiet with my case unfortunately!



@Lars86 : Also no o news on my side. BTW Microsoft was waiting for the Logfiles from our SBC. I had to wait for them and reached them today. Now I am waiting for Microsoft´s response after they have checked the log files.


Log into your account as an admin.
Click on Settings.
Click on On Hold Music tab.
Go to Available Music.
Click Add to library (if you're adding a new track)
Enter Greeting Name.
Browse your computer for an MP3 file.
Click Add.

@Thorsten Stiebig ok hope they can find something is just got response also and uploaded a recording and log files! hope we are getting somewhere!

@Lewis-H why should this help us? Do you mean to upload a music file to the call queue?