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We have a user as a guest user in our AAD, but since the user is logged in to their own tenant most of the time, I can't chat with that user (it's always offline, last logged on 9/19/19).

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If I select search externally, it only gives me the guest user option.

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Problem should not be with external access since my organization can chat with other external contacts in that external organization. Example of another contact -> I can choose to chat with External or Guest user.

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Hi @Anssi Pajunen

I have this problem from time to time - if you type out their email in chat then you can only see (guest)

Try this. Type out the full name, then either do one of two things

1.) Remove and re-add the m on the end of the .com address. This sometimes prompts it.
2.) After you have typed out the address, do not select guest, simply click enter

At the very worst you could periodically remove them as a guest user from your AAD, add them as an external contact and then re-add them as a guest. This should not impact their account. I have had to do that a few times too.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris