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Now when MS has applied the separate windows for chats, but looks like they have done it like user voice has asked. So do we need to open a new user voice that they fix the notification of new chat message.


Issue is following:


Above picture you can see I have three chats in separate windows. The problem is, when a new chat arrives into one of those, the notification on client shows that I have something new in the main Teams dialog. But it was just a chat to the lowest chat window.


I'm still wishing that the developers could take a look how these features has been done on Skype for Business. And are not too shame to do it in the same way. 

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@Petri X 


I noticed this.

Essentially makes the pop up windows useless.

Since you don't know which windows has the new message, makes no sense having this functionality.


Really hope they fix this.

best response confirmed by ThereseSolimeno (Microsoft)

@Maheidem  & @ThereseSolimeno 


How did you think this was answered/resolved? In my mind writing a bug into user voice is not the solution.

Hi Petri
Its a “best response”, and in this case as of now this is known and up to developers to resolve.

Regards / Adam
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