Chat Attachment Limit


After using Teams heavily since the start of the pandemic I have noticed an anomaly in regard to chats, whether they are one-to-one or one-to-many.
In the case of some that have experienced a lot of activity I no longer seem to be able to post files, screenshots, images, video...any attachment. They all refuse to upload and I get a 'Failed to send' message. It is as if I can only post a fixed number of attachments in any particular chat and in some cases I have hit that limit.
Is this a setting somewhere?

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Not aware of any "fixed number" limit, but the size of your ODFB plays a role here (or the SPO site, depending on where you're trying to add the attachment).
Simply adding a reply as this was interesting. As Vasil says the ODFB or SPO size matters, but I have not heard of that issue previously. To be able to upload in chats you need the license for it. If users aren't assigned SharePoint licenses, they don't have OneDrive storage in Microsoft 365. File sharing works in standard channels, but users won't be able to share files in chats without OneDrive storage in Microsoft 365. Keep us updated :)