Channels within a Team have disappeared

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Hi there,

All of the channels within one of my Teams have disappeared. I can still see them on Sharepoint but when I click to open channel in Teams, Teams opens but gives me an error message "we can't find that channel due to connectivity issues. Please try again later". I am plugged into wired internet in a business and this has been ongoing for a month with no changes. I've tried loggin out and back in, restarting, uninstalling & reinstalling Teams all to no avail. Is there a fix for this?

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Hi There, when you say that you can see the channels n Sharepoint I am sure you mean you can see the folders that are associated with channels and you are able to see the Posts of those channels but not the files???

If So then here is a suggestion try to use see if you could see the files if not then it means there something wrong one desktop client.

But if you are also not able to see on the web version of teams that means something is wrong and the only fix is to recreate those channels offcouse with a bit different name and move the files from SharePoint of the old channels to the new channels.

Plz reply with your finding and let us know that helps.

Hi @conorb 


In addition to the suggestions above, perhaps right click onto the Teams icon in the icon tray, and Sign out and then sign back in. This may help to fix the issue.


As a side note, if you can see your Channels listed correctly in the web version of Teams, then the above step may help to retrieve those channels. If the web teams is also empty, then it could be a Microsoft Teams issue and may need a ticket to Microsoft support.


Good luck