Channel Notification Settings Resetting to "Off"

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I would like to have members of a team get a notification when someone posts to the channel in that team - a pretty basic feature I would think.  In the Channel Notification Settings window (accessed by clicking the 3 dots beside the channel name), the following window opens:


I click the drop down menu for "All new posts" and select "Banner and feed", then click save.  For some reason when I reopen this channel notifications window the selection for "All new posts" has reset to "Off".


Ideally this should be something that could be toggled globally for all teams and channels; however, in the meantime I'd like to figure out why this existing feature is seemingly not working.


Anyone else encounter this?


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I've had it happen before but don't remember how I fixed it. It's either a sign out and back into Teams to clear cache issue or something. Maybe try setting on web client and see if the issue persists there as well?

@Chris_1688 I currently have the same problem.

@Chris Webb In OWA there is the same issue as well. Restarting Teams with re log in didn't help.

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@DaveG1 @Chris_1688 

We had the same scenario. What helped (some wild stuff)

1. Hide channel

2. Show channel again

3. Set notofications

4. Go for a drink ;) (optional)

Worked for me, thanks!!

@AtomicIceBreaker - Thanks for your response.  We've re-toggled our use of Teams, so I don't have a means to test your resolution... But I'm glad to hear it has worked for others!

@Chris Webb 

Hello sir is it possible to make the default All new post to Banner and feed for all the channels in the organization. May be create a team policies. My users are getting exhausted my setting notification to turn on for every channel.

Currently no, I wish you could at least set defaults on the client, but being able to turn that setting on by policy would be nice. I wouldn't want to force it on, but at least default on for all new channels and turn off vs. having to turn on would be ideal IMO.

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Thank you for quick response, Is there a user voice for this request for atleast having default to turn on.

I don't recall, go look :P.