Changing Channel from private



so after searching I cannot find the answer to this.

I've created a team that will have channels in it representing different projects.

I've made one channel private so that I can choose which team members have access to it.

But now, I want to revoke that and allow all team members to see the channel.

I can't figure out how though.

Other than deleting the channel and that isn't an option.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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When you create a private channel in a Team/Group it creates a whole new separate SharePoint site for storage. Really not the point about Teams and Groups, where the entire thinking is Groups with different audiences.

Since you can't undo it, IMO you're best of not doing it and creating a new closed Group for this subset of the audience, to maintain logic and a sensible structure.
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You can transfer any collaborated documents from one library to another, easily enough. But AFAIK you cannot transfer text chats.

If you REALLY need to retain the chat, the admin can download all Team chats in a CSV that you could cut down to just include chat from this channel and share it as an Excel file. Not quite as usable but at least the info and discussion isn't lost.

Alternatively, screenshot the messages you need to retain, or somehow look at retaining the channel but locking it to further discussion.

Exactly, it's an internal governance nightmare. Why my recommendation at our workplace is to block the option to create these (as we have with Groups without authorisation and clear ownership).
Transfer files to a private folder or - better - a separate Group with just these members. And make sure they're deleted from original location.

@Shepherd360I don't think this is poor planning from MS.. it's just the way software is developed these days following agile methods.  As requirements emerge, so they're recognised and implemented.  If we followed the whole up front planning/design thing, we'd still be waiting for Teams and when it finally came out in three years time, it would be another Windows Vista or 8 disaster.


Nope, for all of it's problems, MS are probably on the right track for product development, it's us who have to understand agile development, what that means for our users and get the feedback fed back to MS in time.

I am also going through this.. I wanted the channel private for the initial team pow wow and want to now change to public for go live and was not able to, the problem with creating a new channel is having to "move" all the files from one place to another which loses the date/history trail...  this fix is needed to make it awesome!!@kevjackson 



A private channel in Teams is a special kind of channel and you cannot convert it back to a public channel. When you create a private channel, a new site is created on SharePoint. 

Yup, totally understood the concept, but the reality is that we should be able to edit even if it is via the sharepoint site to make it more effective.  But hopefully it will be looked at.  :) Thanks! @Shepherd360 


Due to the nature of a private channel, not even an administrator can see inside if not invited. 

The only option is to invite more people into the private channel, and those people have to exist in the team, or delete the channel through Teams admin portal.

Yeah, I know it's a problem, but it was an afterthought in my view.

Keep in mind, you can still move files out of private channels to other channels where you are a member.



Not being able to control a channel's privacy is one of the stupidest things I have encountered about Teams. I understand "why", but not being able to change it back to public is just stupid. My opinion, of course.



I can understand the idea of a private channel, but the same features should still be available. For example, I can can't schedule a meeting to members of the private channel. That seems silly to me.  :(

It's frustrating that certain functionality ( etc.) doesn't work in private channels. It's useful to test in these channels first.


As is third party software, it is their responsability to test and adjust wherever neccesary.

Private channels went through private/public testing phases to make sure it works with all platform functionalities, it is however impossible for Microsoft to test all third party add-ons.

@kevjackson Until now in 2021, There is no known way still.

I just say to delete the channel, There is no choice.

There is still no known way, CaseyMcD. Until now there is no way. The only way is to delete the channel.


One reason I have for wanting to change my private channel to public is because there is functionality iI can't have in the private channel. e.g. I can't have Forms or Tasks. I can have connectors but those are connectors to Forms in the main Team in which case it is no longer private.

When will Microsoft allow these types of apps to be used within a private channel?




"Also, when creating new channels, if you screw up and forget to make it private, you cannot delete it and then immediately create a new one with the same name. That may work after the retention period has expired."

This is a workaround method:

- rename the channel

- delete it

- create a new one with the same name (You can choose either public or private for the new channel)

I am experiencing the same. Can this be changed on the back end somehow? Very frustrating!