Cannot search for a Public team

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We recently noticed in Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit) that the search feature is missing under the 'Join or create a team' function. Previously, we were able to search for a public team. But, now it requires us to enter the Team's code to join. Are public teams no longer accessible without having the code?



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There is no search box at all in the top right?

Can you type /join and enter in the search box at the top - do you see a list of Teams here?

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@Christopher Hoard 

No. I tried that as well.




1.) Are you in your own tenant? I get that response in other tenants?
2.) Does this occur across the web and mobile apps too?
3.) Has there been any changes like locking down Office 365 group creation since updating to the latest version?
4.) When was the update? Today? Last 48 hours?

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Quit and restart teams. Looks like your command bar isn’t working. This usually happens when switching tenants back and forth. It’s a bug. Quitting usually reconnects this. See if it also restores your search function.
But yeah, good first point by Howrd. if your in another tenant as a guest you can’t search public Teams.
I get the BR on that @Chris Webb for mentioning its tenant to tenant related :D

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I don't think it is because you don't even get the Join button as a guest in another Tenant :p.
Whatever ;p
Also the photo showing ;). Anyway. the / command bug seems fixed. OP you are on a newer build than myself. Maybe a bug in latest version? Hoard is your version matching?
No I am on It’s one back from the version quoted above. I’ll update and try to rep in the morning first thing :white_heavy_check_mark:

@Christopher Hoard 

1.) I'm on my tenant
2.) It occurs in all browsers and iOS mobile app
3.) No changes to o365 group
4.) The update was 'You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 3/2/20.'


I have raised directly to the Microsoft Team as a bug as the issue seems to be with and since that update. Can do it with I would recommend that you open this as a ticket with Microsoft Support. I'll post back if I receive any news otherwise I hope that the functionality returns as soon as possible

Hope that answers your question

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Thanks Chris



In your Org-Wide Teams Settings at the bottom, do you have the setting in the screenshot below enabled?  I recently joined a new Company and noticed the search bar was missing as well for our tenant but was working in my test tenant.  Did some digging and found it was related to this setting.  We turned it off since we don't need it enabled for our company and Search came back with Teams populating again.



Let's hope its the scoped directory search as suggested by @gbos212 otherwise it'll be a ticket

Best, Chris

Type a specific team name in the search box at the top right and press Enter. Find the team you're looking for and select the Join team. You can immediately join a public team but will have to request to join a private team and wait for the owner's approval to access the team and its channels.

I dont see that.