Cannot log onto Microsoft Teams

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When I try and sign up for Microsoft Teams I cannot log in and get this message (even though my account has never been used for it)

"Someone has already set up Teams for your organisation

Ask your admin to get you started with Teams, or set up another org in Teams using a different email address.
Use a different email address
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Hi @Der_Alte_Fritz 


The error which you are getting while setting up Teams is the error that generally comes when some other Office 365 Admin has already created the Microsoft Teams Services for the user accounts of the Tenant. Do you have multiple Office 365 Global Admin in your company? If yes then please follow the below steps and see if you can log-in?


1. Download the Microsoft Teams Application on the desktop and use your normal Office 365 Login and see if you are able to login to Microsoft Teams using the same? or

2. Try logging into the Microsoft Teams Web Applications and see if you are able to login there?


If both of the above steps fails check if you have been assigned with the Microsoft Teams Licenses in your organization.


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Satish U 



I have the same issue and I see others on this forum do as well. This fix does not solve the problem. Please can we get some support on this. There is a thread on the net that says this can be fixed by delinking the Microsoft account from or the Live account but this can cause Windows issues

@Darryl_Epstein Hello, in your particular case, have you tried to sign in to your personal Microsoft account 'account page' and changed the primary email address to another alias (another email address). Don't know if this is applicable in your scenario, but I heard that it solved a similar issue when they where certain no one had ever used that email address before. Hope it gets sorted!