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I use Teams for school, and I received an email from Microsoft Teams telling me I had been added to a class. When I clicked on the link to take me to the class, the desktop app (windows) opened and nothing else happened. It didn't open up any team but rather showed me all of my teams, and the team I was added to was not on the list. I tried opening the link on my phone (iPhone), but the same thing happened there. What are the solutions to this?

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You sure they didn't remove you shortly after adding? Seems like that might be the case. Possible the Team is in your list it just got renamed? Typically if it's in the same school / tenant that invited you, you don't have to click a link in e-mail to join the Team you will just have it in your list.

I was the member to be added and was faced with the same situation. Solved by logging out from Teams Desktop (Mac) and log in again. The team appeared in my page then.

Still not working for me, the team is not showing and when I click on another link is says that my request is pending, but teacher says that there are no requests @anniezhi