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I have just started using MS Teams. I have been able to receive invitations to join teams set up by others (outside of my organisation) - and participated in chats and calls via these invitations. 


However, I am unable to add members to any teams I have tried to set up. When entering e-mails, a "No matches found" message is shown, and the "Add" button is permanently greyed-out/unavailable. 


If it is relevant, I am self-employed so the only person and user within "my organisation" is me. I am trying to establish teams with clients from other companies. 

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Teams to external users without teams
1-. Add from Azure Active Directory (
2-. Ask the invited user to enter their email account, open the "invitation" email and click "Start". Follow Microsoft's step-by-step process to obtain the guest account.
3-. Verify that the Office 365 user account is licensed by MS Teams Enable. generate an event from the Microsoft Teams calendar and invite the invited user.
4-. The invited user will receive a new email where they will see "Join the Microsoft Team Meeting". This guest user must click and select if they want to enter through "Open Microsoft Teams" (download Microsoft Teams to the computer) or "Join on the web"






I have the same problem as Richard.  Is it necessary for me as MS Teams host or external team members to have a licence for MS Exchange?  Although I don't use Exchange, I have a licence for it as part of my Office 365 licence.  I think some of my external people I wish to communicate with through MS Teams don't.


I have tried adding several people to a team.  Finally this afternoon I managed to add one but when I tried to send a message, it failed.


What am I doing wrong?






Someone has pointed me in the right direction now and the problem seems to be rectified now. Basically, in the Microsoft Teams admin centre (which I didn't even know existed!), I hadn't enabled guest access. 


Follow this link:


I had to gain access to the admin centre via a slightly different route, but once I'd switched guest access on, it all seemed to be resolved. 


Also, for anyone who doesn't have Teams or operate MS systems, someone pointed me towards a useful YouTube clip;


Hope this helps for you - it did the trick for me....




I tried all of the suggestions and still cant add anyone.   This should not be this freaking complicated.  I am the only user of my Office 365 Business account so there are no organizational policies preventing me from adding people.   I switched it to allow guests and I still cant do anything.   This is so frustrating 



Same issue. Single user at this point. Just added Office365 Business. Been using MS products for decades. Teams will not add ANYBODY - whether GUEST or BUSINESS contact. It is not finding any email addresses!!! HOW fix this.




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