Can we enable calling from the Contact Card?

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Currently in our Teams voice environment, we are able to call via Teams Call or Mobile number.  We are unable to call from the contact card but I see posts in the community referencing folks being able to call from the contact card itself.  We see this ability on the mobile app but not on the desktop app.  


We can call the Teams app or mobile but no other numbers from Active Directory sync in, see below.


Call Button Options.png


When we search our directory, the user comes up but not in the traditional contact card option we see in the Skype or the Teams mobile app for that matter.  We see info but no ability to click on the phone number to call.  See below.


Contact Card.png


Are we missing something on the back-end to enable this?  Even just calling from the contact card would be helpful.  Right now we can only call the Teams app and mobile number.  We are planning a transition from Skype to Teams and this is a massive feature we would be missing. 


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Josh McDonald


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Nothing to enable, it's something the Teams Team has to work on and implement. It's slowly getting better piece by piece but as you see it's still lacking some things.



Try this.  


Go into the Default Apps for the computer, scroll to the bottom and click on Choose default apps by protocol.


Set the following Apps to Microsoft Teams







Go back and QUIT Teams, then start Teams back up and the contact card you show in your example should be in a different format and option to click on phone numbers to call from Teams.