Can Teams record a presented PowerPoint's video?

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Can Teams record a presented PowerPoint's video?  E.g. the presenter is recording the Teams meeting and in the meeting is sharing their PowerPoint that has either an embedded video or an online video on a slide.  When watching the recording, Teams recorded the meeting but not the video presented in the meeting.  Can this be overcome?


If we can’t get it to record the video during the Teams meeting, then the Teams meeting recording and the video link presented in the meeting have to be posted in Teams and anyone watching the recording gets to feel awkward when watching that portion of the meeting when the video should be playing.

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Note: I was just told by an expert--yes, it should be possible, but it might depend if the presenter was sharing their desktop (and then playing the PowerPoint on the desktop) or if they were sharing their PowerPoint app directly. That to always share the desktop and then play the PowerPoint [and video] from there and it is always recorded.
I would also add that when sharing video, be sure to toggle the switch to include system audio, otherwise only the visuals will record