Can't See Screen Share in Teams

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My daughters are unable to see their teacher's shared screen on Teams.  We're using the latest version of the Teams app (downloaded through Google Play Store) on two Kindle Fire HD 10 (9th Gen).  The issue doesn't happen consistently -- maybe half the time that a teacher is sharing their camera view.  I've tried rebooting both Teams and their devices as well as deleting the cache on Teams for each device, but the issue persists.  Other students don't seem to be having the same issue.  Appreciate any ideas on how to fix.


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Hi @DavidMalcarney ,


Is there any alternative device that could be tried, even a mobile. I appreciate it will not be the best viewing experience.


Just thinking that if one daughter is on the tablet and another on a different device, would be good to see if the issue occurs at the same time. Such as being network related etc. As that for me would be the other main factor. If of course it only occurs still on the table but not the other device, then we are sure it is the device that is in question.

You could in theory take the network option a bit further if that was in doubt and if possible, have one tethered to a phones data connection and the other presumably connected to home WIFI.


Sorry as I know the above is not really an answer or a click here and try again but they are certainly worth exploring.