Can't normally type with Boshiamy in Teams

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I have problems typing Chinese characters with Boshiamy in Teams conversations.


Little background here: Boshiamy types Chinese characters with English character combinations. For example, to type "文", I should enter "WX" and the press space bar. To type "字", I should type "NZJ" and then space.


In Teams conversation, I can type "W" without losing Boshiamy focus:



However, when I continue typing "X" after "W", I lost the Boshiamy focus:




This problem doesn't occur in the search bar. When I type "WX", I don't lose the Boshiamy focus so I can still seeing the prompt for the Chinese character "文":teams-boshiamy-3.png


And then I can successfully type in the character "文":



As far as I know, this problem doesn't occur in any other Microsoft products or any other softwares (e.g., Chrome, iTerms2, etc).


It bothers me a lot when I am trying to chat in Teams. Please help. Thanks.


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Hi @netbasejolin

I would raise this as a uservoice here

Microsoft should then review and pick it up for improvement in due course. If it’s in the other apps this really ought to be there

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hi @Christopher Hoard 


Thank you for the reply. However, I didn't find my issue on the uservoice link you gave me. How should I track my issue on uservoice? Thanks!



John Lin

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Hi John!

Thanks for letting me know. Go through to this link

This is the Microsoft Teams Uservoice page.

Type a title in where it says Enter Your Idea and then select button Post a New Idea. You can then outline your feature request in detail.

Once you have submitted it then Microsoft will pick it up in due course (caveat - it can take some time as in months and may not be picked up at all as there is many feature requests). If you think it’s s bug then prefix the title BUG: when creating the request.

Other ways to try and get in front of MS include attending the next AMA and raising it there, Twitter adding @MicrosoftTeams and a support ticket. Uservoice is the main page for Teams feature requests!

Hope that helps explain and answers your question!

Best, Chris