Can't login to Teams' Android app as a guest in other organization

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I can't login to Teams as a guest in another organization in Android app. The error message after trying to login says:

Your license doesn't include access to Microsoft Teams. You can upgrade to a supported Office 365 plan on the admin portal.

Which is true, my company did not have a that license. But I'm trying to connect to another organization as a guest. No problem accessing from web or Windows app. The problem occurs on the Android app only. I can add that I used the Android app as a guest before.



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@mt-enereco Sorry you're having trouble. After sign-in do you get a tenant picker page to choose from
Also, Can you share the version number of the client you have? Does uninstall/reinstall help?

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I solved the problem by obtaining a license from my company's IT department.
I cannot say the app version since I upgraded it.
I did try uninstalling and reinstall, without success.