Can't create a new team on Microsoft

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We've been invited to join team as guest from other company.

Our company name is Orizon. And we're definitely trying to create a new team. There is no option for us to create a new team. The admin center for Microsoft team is not available. And any time I login it's telling me that I'm not the admin but I am the owner.

I called multiple time but it looks like we're stuck in a weird look where we are not able to create a new team and not able to change/know who the admin is. Slowly starting to think about going back to Slack...

Screenshots attached.

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Based on the first screenshot it looks like you are using free teams. If so there is no admin center access for that version of Teams.

Also if you are in someone else’s tenant as a guest you cannot create Teams in someone else’s tenant. You must tenant switch to your own tenant to be able to create a team.

If you are in fact in paid teams then you have to use the office 365 tenant admin accounts to access admin center (or an account an admin has given a teams admin role to). A team owner can only change settings inside their teams client for the Team.
If you have been invite to join another organization's team, then you join the team. You don't create another one, you join the existing.