Can't access shared dropbox folders

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We've had difficulty with accessing shared dropbox folders as cloud storage in the files tab of Teams.


Oddly enough, this worked fine for us for a long time but, one day, we're no longer able to access the folder. The only person that's able to access the folder is the person that added it to MS Teams. This has happened with multiple folders and multiple users across multiple systems. All users have access to this folder and can still access it through dropbox outside of teams. We've even set up a Dropbox Tab (website) but it would be great to get the cloud storage working again.


2nd Question: Do cloud storage options not show in mobile? I thought this used to be available but we can no longer see them on mobile.


This is the image that displays when accessing the folder added by someone else:

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 1.31.26 PM.png


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We have the same problem.
But we have discovered that if you go to top level Teams Files tab (the one in the left edge tool bar) and select the Dropbox storage you can edit the folders and files in Dropbox.
But you can not see the folder/files when they are shared in a channel "Files" page.
Any news on how to fix this?