Can't access my chats

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Hello helpful folks,


I have exchanged a few messages with my coworkers on Teams, but none of our conversations appear in the chat tab, as you can see below. I don't have a recent or a contacts button. The only way to find a chat is to search for keywords in the search bar above. Is this something I can fix or is it at the admin level?



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Out of interest where does your mailbox reside?

So presuming you have Exchange mailboxes, are you on premises or M365? Or a bit of both by way of Hybrid?

Also are you Teams Only or are you currently in the process of migrating from S4B to Teams?

Is it just yourself that exhibits this behaviour?

Also do you experience the same thing in the web version



Hi @fletanturcotte ,


In fact, I was just about to start trying to reproduce this and thought, you know what I will try my free version account and I too see the same as yourself.

So are you using the Free version, if so, this may be a limitation of the free version?






Yes definitely we are using the free version. I never realized that the free version wouldn't have this very basic feature! That may be just it. Thank you,

Hi @fletanturcotte   I find it hard to believe that's the case - even free Teams is advertised with the ability to chat.  There are a lot of resources online that address this feature - I won't presume to pick one for you to read.  If all else fails, open a ticket at, our tech support site, for more personalized service.