Can not start up Teams for Linux cookie error

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I cannot start up Teams for Linux. After login in i get a scree that says i have to change my browser settings to allow 3th party coookies. I did change that settings (* but teams for Linux will still not start up. What do i have to do?Schermafdruk van 2020-05-06 11-32-49.png

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I had this issue on a Mac last week. You can get around this by going straight to the download link for the desktop app. Alternatively, you will need to allow cookies for as well.

I do not understand what you mean with the download link. I allowed serveral sites for 3th party cookies. Schermafdruk van 2020-05-06 13-25-35.png

I changed my default browser from chrome to firefox. (als with these sites allowed for 3th party cookies).

@Klaas_Tjibbe I assumed that you are using the web application and not the desktop application? 

@SuleimanDC No. I want to use the desktop application. Teams with the browser (chrome) works fine.

When i startup teams with sudo ( "sudo teams")  then teams starts. It looks like it has something to do with rights?

@Klaas_Tjibbe try this workaround:

sqlite3 ~/.config/Microsoft/Microsoft\ Teams/Cookies
sqlite> DELETE FROM cookies;

Then restart Teams for Linux.

I hope this helps.


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@nikolaysavkin  Thanx, now i can open Teams again. Everything is working good again.