Can I have teams ring via my loudspeakers, but use my headset for conversations?



In Skype, I was able to specify that when a call came in, the ring tone was played on my PC's speakers, but any conversations were done using my headset.

I can't see any similar option in Teams. This means that in order to use my headset, the ring tone comes through that, which means I rarely hear it.

Is there any way to set the ring tone to come through the PC's speakers?


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Hmm. I’m pretty sure all IM notifications and calls come through the default sound device. Your set headset handles the actual call through the set headset device in teams.

If my mind is failing me sorry. But there is not another custom sound setting at this time other than the setting there now.



I heard this a couple of times when talking to customers so you are not alone wanting this. There is an active uservoice request to be able to use speakers as secondary ringer the same way it is in Skype for Business, go in to that uservoice and vote for it.

I am using my Jabra SPEAK 410 MS usb speaker . When I am on my headset I can hear the ringing part in my Jabra but the call comes to headset (wired)


The ring signal will play in your default audio device in Windows, in Windows 10 you can change that by clicking on the speaker in the systray.









The sound from your active can be changed to another sound device than you default device by changing this in Teams, Settings > Devices.



But you can't get the ring signal in both your headset and your speakers as in Skype for Business.

@Linus Cansby
Thanks for the link. I voted, but given that it's only got 171 votes, compared to several thousand for some other features, I can't see it happening.
Shame, as this issue is causing us to rethink teams altogether. We're considering going back to Skype.


I already have my settings as you describe.

I have noticed that I do sometimes get a ring tone via my main speakers, just not always. Not sure how to explain that, as it's inconsistent.

Any ideas? Thanks again

I guess that your main speakers is the default device in windows when you get the ring signal there, if not that is strange that it happens.



Yes, we are also struggling with this limitation in Teams that was available in SfB to have it ring another audio device.  I have tested it and to get it to ring your "PC" speakers, you have to set this in Teams.  Then after answering the call, I use the in-call device controls to switch the audio back to my headset.  It's cumbersome for sure, but at least I can hear it ring when I'm not at my desk or do not have mobile with me.  So, I also have the mobile app running so I can have regular PC sounds on my speakers.  Definitely this setting was overlooked as not everyone leaves their headsets on all day...


This is more common when receiving calls from PSTN. I have noticed when internal calls or Teams call, it does ring my PC speakers.  Not sure why that is either...

@Linus Cansby My main speakers are always the default device, I never change that

Hi, yep this is looking like its a big issue for us. 

We are just in a telephone migration over from Avaya with nearly 100% softphone. We have been rolling out teams, but now it looks like we might have to roll back and go for skype for business. 

I think this will become more and more of an issue as people move calling to teams especially PSTN users and especially as I believe skype for business is not deployable for new tenants with over 500 users (or so ive been told).

Public skype runs on electron i believe as well and supports this, can you guys not run over to the other side of the campus and steal their code ? :) :) 


It appears the ringtone goes through your default playback device, not your default playback communication device which doesn't really make any sense that Teams is not using the default communication device.

It does make sense. Most people don’t wear their headsets while working. You either have your speakers in or headphones so you want it to ring there. Unless comm set has ringer functionality it makes sense.

However there are def. cases where you have it in and need it to ring. This really just needs to be an option.

Ring on primary sound device only. Ring on primary communications device or both. Problem solved.

@Chris Webb Agreed.  When I said it doesn't make sense, I meant more that there are no capabilities to also ring your default communication device.  Options as you mentioned would be perfect.


In case you're using a Plantronics headset, you might want to check the following feature in the Plantronics Hub software :backhand_index_pointing_down:
ring_all_devices.PNGSettings\Ringtones and Volume\ enable All Attached Audio Devices in the dropdown menu.
I now have, a ringing signal from my laptop speakers :ok_hand:

@Yossu Bonkers Secondary ringer is on the roadmap now and looks like they will start rolling out it in June 2019.

@Linus Cansby woooo hoooo!! that has really brightened up my Monday morning! 

@Yossu Bonkers - As of today, this request is up to 1,077 votes. I hope Microsoft is working on it. Since replying to your post updated my page, I now see a more recent message saying that Microsoft is working on it.

@tomus @Yossu Bonkers 
It's on the roadmap and should be released this month