Can I change settings on iPad Teams app to see >1 week of future Meetings in Teams Calendar?

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I think the title says it all!

I am a Secondary Maths teacher trying to use Teams for remote teaching.  I have used OneNote for teaching using an iPad Pro for a while now but am new to Teams.

Any help appreciated.


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@stephen1729 did you find a solution?  I have the same challenge in my iPad Pro 12.9 inch 

@Milo_LeBaron No, I have just had to live with this frustration.  Rather short-sighted, I think as planning ahead is so valuable.

@stephen1729 Did you ever solve this problem? I’ve just bought an iPad Air 2020 - trying to move all my work onto it so I can be more mobile/off grid. I still can’t see more than a week ahead on Teams which is very frustrating!

Sorry, no joy with this.

I can see future Meetings on my Calendar, but still not the Teams calendar.