Can global admin create a team from existing group without beging member or owner of this group?


How can a global tenant admin who is not a group member or group owner of an office group create a team? The owner of the group is not allowed to create a team. So a admin has to do it.

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Hi @Robert K ,


The easiest way would be for your global admin to add themselves to the group as an owner long enough to create the team and then leave that group. Otherwise, the current group owner will need to be added to whichever security group has been whitelisted to create Teams.

I agree. This would be the easiest way. But unfortunately both variants are forbidden for compliance reasons.

You could possibly do it via Powershell. Using New-Team -GroupId <String> command. This will add Teams to existing group. Not 100% on if it allows global admins to run this against a group they don't own, but worth a shot.


@Robert K You can create team from group directly in the admin centre, in the active group section. Just click the group to pop a window on the right and head over to "Microsoft Teams". 

However, I don't think you can activate the team, i.e., make it visible for students. Teachers should see the team, prepare contents and then activate it themselves. (I use Teams Education)