Can a Presenter Dial in for a Teams LIve Event?

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Our nonprofit hosts monthly events and I recently discovered the power of Teams Live Events to replace Zom or Webex.


The challenge I'm running into is that our guest speakers may not have access to Teams through their government firewall.


Is there a way to dial in the Guest Speaker?  Can they connect via a simple phone number

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Yes, as a presenter they can call in if whoever creates the live event has an audio conferencing license, that number should be part of the Invitation / calendar entry for presenters. Attendee's however cannot dial in.

@Chris Webb 

I'm familiar with normal Teams meetings where I can join via Phone Call.


With a Teams Live Event, however, the "viewers" get a link or a phone number while the Presenters get a diffeernt link. Does that link include just a dial in option for them as well?

Viewers don't get a link, you share that out, there is no dial in info for viewers. The "Presenters" is essentially a Teams Meeting that broadcasts out, so anyone invited as presenter get's a meeting invite similar to a meeting with join link and dial in info if you are licensed for Audio conferencing.