Can a guest to a team host a meeting?

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I administrate a team for collaboration between 10 different organizations. Sometimes members of the team needs to meet without me or other memebers of the host-organization present, but this is not stright forward: 
1. A guest from an external organization can`t invite to a planned meeting in our joint team. 
2. If external members invites to a Teams-meeting through their own organization, they can't open and work with files in the joint team during the meeting. When they try to switch organization during the meeting, they are thrown out of their own meeting. 

Do you have a solution that will work for us? 


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Britt Ellingsdalen

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@Britt1972 Hello, if you're absent not able to admit users yourself then you should modify the lobby setting for the meeting so that the guest users can enter it without being held in the lobby waiting for admittance. Or make others "presenters" so they can admit people (see roles).


Change participant settings for a Teams meeting - Office Support (


Guest experience in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Roles in a Teams meeting - Office Support ( 





I have not explained the context properly: we are  a group of people from different organizations who collaborate on equal terms. Coincidentally our Team has been established by my organization, but the others own the content as much as I do. Sometimes some of the others will arrange meetings without me. In these meetings they may need access to dokuments in our common workspace, but these can’t be accessed when they are hosting a meeting from another organization in Teams. 


The question is not about admitting people to meetings, but about access to files during meetings. 

@Britt1972 Hi, well as long as the organizations are allowing guest access in Teams this will be the guest user experience (first link).


Comparison of team member and guest capabilities

Guest experience in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


I'm assuming you also have external access involved which in turn make the user experience the following.


Compare external and guest access

Call and chat with users from other organizations - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

This doesn't answer my question. I'll try to refrase it:

Sometimes when I host a meeting, I may need access to documents stored in Team belonging to another organization, a Team in which I myself am only a guest. But as long as I am hosting a meeting that I myself have initiated, I can't access such documents without leaving the meeting. 


This problem does not occur when I join a meeting as a participant, only when I am the host. 


For those of us who collaborate extensively and on equal terms with partners outside our own organizations, this is a frequent challenge. @ChristianBergstrom 

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@Britt1972 Hello, I'm trying to understand your scenario but find it quite difficult.. Are you saying you're using the tenant switch during the meetings? That will end the meeting and you'll get a notification about it too. Correct?


When you're organizing a meeting and need to jump around in different org./teams for whatever reason, try starting the meeting in the Teams desktop client and then use on the side. The meeting stays active and you can switch between all the org./teams using the browser.

This seems to work. Thank you! @ChristianBergstrom 

@Britt1972 did you find out the answer to your question about a guest in a team being able to host a meeting?  My organization also hosts collaborations with equal ownership of documents and we work with contractors who would like to use Teams in the course of their work with us.  Thanks.

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