Camera not working in Teams

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Camera doesn't work in Teams when you join from an email invite or set up a public live event.   Even the producer can't select a camera.  The camera may come on for 10-30 seconds for present or producer but it is not available to be selected.  We try to go to the health and performance states it says you need to turn on camera.  Camera does function properly when you use meet now or calls functioning but not if you do a calendar invitation.  

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So is there a problem for the presenter to activate their camera, and does all presenters have the same problem?

Does the producer see the video feed in the small content preview and it is when they add it to the queue you get an error. Or is it when you send the video feed live from the queue?


Have you tried with different computers for the presenters? Or networks?


All presenters and the producer had the same problem.  We switch producers (different Internet but same VPN) and same was true of other producers.   You do not see the video in the small content preview.  No the producer does not see video of other presenters  it shows the initials screen like when the camera is off.   The producer can see his own camera for 10-30 seconds then it turns black (not the initials such as when the video is turned off).  Even when the producers video is showing for that brief time the producer cannot move the video into the queue so that it can be sent live.   Let me know if you want me to recreate it for you.




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@srm-stevenroymallory VPN and Real Time Media does not sound good. Can you try without VPN?


I have the same behavior, however, it happened twice (yesterday and this morning) and I cant figure how it happened to reproduce it. All my other meetings worked perfectly. Do you know how to get around it?

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Looks like restarting the VPN worked.  

@srm-stevenroymallory Great that you found a solution. VPN and Teams (and other Real Time Communication software) is not recommended. If connected to VPN you should have split tunneling, so that Teams traffic go direct to internet instead of in to the VPN tunnel.