Caller ID and Direct Routing


We have setup Direct Routing with an AudioCodes virtual SBC.  The caller ID information is currently not passing to Microsoft Teams.  Is this a known issue or is there a configuration piece missing?  Thanks!

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It doesn't work even with Microsoft's PSTN call in. Client doesn't quiet support it yet.

Hi @Ben Lockwood


What do you mean by Caller ID? Are you referring to the Calling Line Identity phone number or Display Name? 


Currently Direct Routing does support sending the number of the user who placed the call unless that number was set to appear as anonymous or as another service number by tenant administrator. 


What is currently missing and work underway to resolve is Calling Name Display included in the From field. 

I meant if I call any other PSTN from my cell phone it shows my name and my number.  In Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing it is showing only the phone number and not passing the name information to the Teams client.  In working with AudioCodes they said that the SBC is passing that information to Microsoft.  I get bombarded my sales calls so I tend to screen my calls using the names that come in on calls to determine whether I want to answer the call or not.  Moving to Microsoft Teams I have now lost that ability.  It also doesn't seem to have the ability to look at Contacts or Exchange to look up any names either.  Once they have these little features ironed out it will be much more usable as an actual phone client than it is now.

@Ben Lockwood

Thanks for the great feedback. We do have plans to implement both items, passing name to Teams when available in the inbound invite From field as well as RNL against Exchange and Contacts. 


I don't have an ETA for this changes but we do understand the importance of these features. 

These are mandatory functions to gain user acceptance. Please increase the priority level.

Hi @Carolyn Blanding (MS TEAMS) 


Is there any update on progress of this?  Until Teams is capable of displaying caller name there is no way we would get any buy in from our general users.  Thanks!

any link to feature about teams client to lookup mailbox contacts for incoming calls regarding the incoming phone numbers?

Understood Ben. I don't have any ETA for this yet but do know it's actively being worked on and the priority is understood.

Any news on this? This is really the most annoying point in our POC with teams. You want to switch to a modern tool and parity with S4B is promised. And then I only see the phone number and have to find out who this number belongs to, with every missed call first.

Getting closer. Currently testing reverse number lookup against recipients contacts. 

I can see it! :thumbs_up:

Excellent. Thanks for sharing.

Ours is working for looking up against a user who has contacts saved in their Outlook.  It does not however lookup against Exchange.  Will it be able to lookup against Exchange in the future?  When will caller ID passed by PSTN start working as well?

What do you mean against Exchange? 


Currently RNL works against contacts stored by user in Teams A-Z contacts in Calls tab. These contacts will be synchronized from user's Exchange mailbox contacts store if the user mailbox is home online for now until support for contacts are available in on premise mailbox; see here for more about feature capabilities with Teams and Exchange How Exchange and Microsoft Teams interact


We do have plans for support inbound CNAM from SBC to Teams. No ETA on this; under investigation. 

What I mean by Exchange is the Global Address List.  It currently will only resolve the name if I have added the user to my personal contacts in Outlook.  It will not resolve all people in the GAL.

Got it. RNL against Azure AD is planned. 

Is there a timeline on when we can expect this?

Sorry I don't have an ETA for either to share at this time. 

Any news on RNL against Azure AD?