Calendly-type functionality?

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I'm setting up a workspace for a team which is quite large (includes devs, mgmt, sales, support etc) and we are looking to eliminate the "what time works best for you guys to do a call?" email furballs.

I have searched profusely but not found a feature for Teams that offers the same functionality as Calendly; I'd like my users to be able to view each other's Outlook calendars in Teams to setup meetings without asking for availability - am I missing the boat here or is this not something Teams is capable of? 

Any advice would be hugely appreciated!

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There is the schedule assistant when you set up the meeting! I’d you can read their availability it will be shown there
To get something similar to Calendly you can look into Microsoft Booking.

I used to use Calendly for my appointments with students, but I switched to Bookings completely. As far I know Bookings isn't designed what you're looking for.

Like @adam deltinger mentioned, the schedule assistant in Teams and Outlook should allow you to see availability of everyone in your organization (as long as availability sharing is enabled in your tenant) and recommend meeting times based off of that.


You could also look at FindTime, which will recommend times based on availability as well as allow attendees to vote on which time works best for them.


There's also Calendar.Help, which uses Microsoft AI to automatically correspond with meeting attendees to find what time works for them (I find the Calendar.Help is best used with mostly external recipients)



We use Findtime extensively to schedule meetings, provide meeting options etc. It is a part of Outlook and not teams per se.