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We have just started to implement Teams into our small company. I wanted to create calendars for multiple channels and/or teams. Basically I get pointed to SharePoint which I used lightly years ago. (I don't write code.) I am looking for the best way to do that. Should I create a Site in SP for each Team and or Channel, then add the calendar app and point the specific Team or Channel to it?

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Here are the simple tips for you first thing first you do not need to know code to work in SharePoint, secondly each Team has its own SharePoint created with it, if you want to know what is the url of the SharePoint for one of your teams on generals channel go to files tab and click open in SharePoint.

After you find your SharePoint try to click on gear icon from right top and add new app and select calendar you can create different calendars base on your needs and then on your MS Teams > teams you could put that as Tab either in General or into each channel.

If you have created a private channel that has its own private SharePoint child site where you can created calendar app and put that as tab in that private channel.

You could also link all your calendar to your SharePoint site and put it as tab in teams.

So overall you have all the above 3-4 different options you can do this.
For you information since January. You have the teams channel calendar app available.
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@obleyerwhich does not work for private channels :(