Calendar missing in MacOS Desktop app

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I've tried to read every issues of "Calendar missing" in this community, however none of them can solve my issue.


The Calendar icon appears on my iPhone & iPad app, but my Macbook. It also shows on my Teams web-app.


I tried to re-add the Calendar app in the Teams Admin - App Policy, no success.

I tried to clean the cache of Teams in my Macbook, no success.


I asked my colleges and it's even worse, they didn't see it anywhere, either desktop or mobile.


Our subscription license is Microsoft 365 Business Basic, is this the reason why Calendar is not appeared? (I read the license info again and it seems like Calendar should be in the package)


So I'm stuck now... Any suggestions?


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Hi @nguyenngocduy  I found a response in our site that might help you: Microsoft Teams for Mac missing the calendar icon - Microsoft Community  It references this support document: Schedule online meetings in Outlook for Mac - Outlook for Mac (


If you're not able to solve the issue, you might want to reach out directly to the Answers tech support site, where agents are dedicated to help with your issue until it's resolved.

@ThereseSolimeno thanks for the responses, unfortunately I tried that before without success, as I mentioned in the thread.


May I ask where can I find that "Tech support site"?



Hi @nguyenngocduy  It's in the first line of my response above -