Calendar invitation responses not being received

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Hi all.


We use Office365 and Teams. I'm on a Mac and iOS devices, and I have the Teams client running on all of them.


When I receive a meeting invitation generated out of Teams by a colleague and sent by E-mail, I can double-click it as an attachment; the Apple Calendar (desktop) UI then presents the option to accept or reject the invitation. I use this, but the senders never receive the response. This is creating quite a bit of aggravation. Does anyone have any technical insight as to what might cause this failure? If Calendar is properly recognizing the item as an invitation (and showing other participants), I wonder why it's not responding in the correct manner.


Meanwhile, it appears I have to resort to going into Teams and interacting with the invitation in the Teams calendar. But there I can find no way to set up a reminder notification. Teams provides other notifications; does it really not have a reminder or alarm for calendar events?



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