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Hello all,


I'm following a class and I was invited as a gast. I downloaded the app on my mac and didn't see my team. If i use Chrome (Safari didn't work) then i saw my team. The problem in Chrome is that i only see 1 person and it was a class so i saw that day nobody only an excel sheet. So this really was terrible, it was more a phonecall then a meeting. Is there a solution that i can see my team in the browser as well in the app. Found it really strange that it is different, using the same login.


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The issue you are experiencing where you only saw one person and an excel document doesn't sound like something I have heard before so I urge you to contact support with that issue if it happens again.  you can open a case at and they can assist you with troubleshooting.


That said, there are different ways to view your class - either by using the Microsoft Teams client you download on your computer, via the web app - which sounds like what you were doing, and the mobile app.  I would highly recommend you download the Teams client if you are going to be joining a team or Teams calls, regularly.  Here are instructions for the various clients:


There is some limited functionality using the web client with a Mac such a limited video views, etc - that is documented in the link above.  If you can, download the full client and for attending meetings and quick chat functionality, the mobile client is wonderful. Personally, I prefer the desktop client for collaboration and interactive meetings.  I hope that helps!