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Hi everyone - hoping you're well.


I have issues when organising events where there are presenters (who have cameras enabled) and participants (cameras and mics disabled). Once presenters finish - we want them to join breakout rooms to have discussions. 


The issue is - the cameras do not turn on in the breakout rooms. I enable them from the options before sending people into breakouts - their mics turn on but no cameras. 


Has anyone found a solution to this please?

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Hi @ManojKerai ,


This is not a known issue. Can you elaborate a bit for me, what do you mean when you state "the cameras do not turn on" - are the users in the breakout rooms unable to use the toggle at all to turn on the camera? Or do they enable it (and therefore see their own local video) but nobody else in the meeting can see them?


Breakout Rooms do not inherit any settings from the main meeting - they would inherit whatever the default settings are for a scheduled meeting.

@Bryan Nyce 


Hi Bryan,


Thank you for your reply.


So we do events which have cameras and mics disabled (unless presenting). Following the presenters speaking we want people to discuss what they've heard and go into breakout rooms. The breakout rooms mic works but no one can enable their camera.


I change the toggle on the main meeting (to enable everyone's cameras and mics) before they go into the breakout, but it still doesn't allow people to turn their cameras on for breakouts.


Does this make sense? Happy to give more clarification if this doesn't make sense :)


Thanks for the additional details! The settings for the main meeting are not passed on to the breakout rooms; so even if you allow their camera in the main meeting (by changing it, as you noted) it would not apply to the breakout room itself. Breakout rooms are separate meetings with their own meeting options. By default, users should enter those breakout rooms as presenters (and not attendees). Can you validate the meeting options that are set in the breakout room? 

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for coming back to me on this. How would you validate breakout room meetings?

So when I send people into breakout rooms after hosting a main meeting - their settings do change and their Mics become enabled. It's just their cameras don't work. Validating meeting options that are set out in the breakout room would be a useful way of doing it - if I know how to do it please.

Thanks so much for your help so far.

@Bryan Nyce We are experiencing this issue like you state. People can toggle the video, but they only see themselves and attending organizers/presenters. Not the other participants, which is exactly what we want in these breakout rooms. Is there any way to fix this?