Breakout rooms option was deleted?

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For a recurring meeting, the breakout room has been disabled because it says the rooms were deleted.  Is there a way to get that option added back? 

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Sounds odd. The breakout rooms are persistent in your recurring series unless you delete them. But you can always recreate the rooms using the breakout rooms button. If that is disabled I suggest you recreate the series.
This happened to me yesterday too. I have been using breakout rooms in a recurring meeting for over a year but suddenly yesterday the function gives an error message stating 'breakout rooms has been deleted'
In my case the option to recreate rooms is there but once recreated it goes back to the error message that breakout rooms has been deleted :thinking_face:
Interesting... and here I assumed I had done something wrong when I last used the breakout rooms. Sounds like a bug
yes same :(
Today I cancelled all of the pre-booked meetings for the Team and then re-booked them. I now have breakout rooms working again. :)
yes thanks planning to do the same. I wonder if it will break again after one use?

So glad for this forum - I just tried to create breakout rooms for a recurring meeting...but the message came up to say it had been deleted.  Will have to remember that for the next one where we require breakouts......unless this can be fixed?

It seems like a bug to me. I think the only thing we can do for now is the workaround which is to create a new series for the meeting. Not an ideal solution.
Just happened to us also.